We improve your organic rankings in search engines or its free.

At Digital Surfer, we believe in helping your business not just operate, but PROSPER in every way. If you copy everyone else in your industry, you’ll become another ‘me-too’ marketer, and that won’t last or let you excel.

We specialise in capturing high quality traffic that’s actively searching for your products or services and delivering them to your business, then helping you turn them into loyal paying customers.

Our methods WORK and are backed by real results.

In short, we are the deluxe of total ‘done-for-you’ digital marketing services from a new website, or a renovation of an older website, to Local SEO for all businesses, especially those reliant upon being known as number 1 in their own geographical area, to businesses big or small requiring organic SEO. And of course, Social Media marketing, who doesn’t use FACEBOOK?

Sit back and let us show you the Digital Surfer Difference.


Pete Curran – Owner, Head of Sales and Marketing
Pete started his Digital Marketing career in 2010 after 15 years in the legal profession. The journey began by purchasing Ecommerce websites based in America which provided a steep learning curve into the world of Search Engine Optimisation. With enough income to replace his day job it was only natural to learn to build websites for Australian businesses. Eight years later what started as an interest is now a Digital Marketing agency with six staff providing a range of Digital Marketing services.
Dealing with people from all walks of life every single day while in the legal profession has ensured Pete has the ability to communicate and relate with everyone hence he is the front man of Digital Surfer..

Renee Curran – Business Development Manager. SEO Expert
It is amazing how transferable some skills and qualifications can be. After a 22 year career as a manager, marketer, and trainer with one of the four majors, a change in life circumstances led Renee down a new path. Hungry for knowledge in certain key areas of digital marketing, Renee immersed herself in Wed design and Search Engine Optimisation. Since mastering these Renee has utilised her prior learned skills and returned to a role as a leader and manager of all the staff at Digital Surfer. Hence it makes sense she does all the hiring and looks after everyone in the Digital Surfer team like they are family. Renee also oversights all projects with an eye to detail like no other.

Vicky Trainor – SEO Expert
I am a self-confessed SEO Geek. I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest trends & tactics. Above all I really enjoy seeing our client’s sites transform over the course of a campaign. Read More

SEO enables me to indulge my technical aptitude as well as engage my creative side. To appease my analytical nature I am currently studying for Google Adwords Certification.

Firlie Greening – Website Design and Development
Firlie has been working in the Digital Marketing and Web design space for approximately 2 years, after leaving her previous life behind to explore new adventures. Read More

She lives in Adelaide with her fiancée Peter, and their German Shepherd Lena. They love to travel, explore, grow vegies, make good food, drink good wine and coffee, and take the dog on epic walks discovering different beaches and parks.

Having worked as an Emergency Advanced Life Support Paramedic in Melbourne for 6 years, and three years as a Sales Rep for Cardiac devices, Firlie has a diverse set of skills and experiences behind her. She left the corporate world, not quite knowing where she wanted to go, but knew that it needed to be something in an industry that was creative, yet challenging, diverse and flexible. That was how she began on the path of studying website design and digital marketing.

She loves the process of getting to know a business or industry and help them to expand their presence online, to grow that business even further. She loves the creative side of building a website, working collaboratively with the client, and bringing into life their ideas and creating something out of thin air. This process is always so satisfying and seeing the client react is the best of the project.

She works part time with Digital Surfer and loves the balance it allows her to have with her life and other projects she is working on.

Celina Roberts – Website Design and Development
Celina has 7+ years of experience. Self-motivated with effective problem-solving abilities. Developed various applications using PHP, SQL, HTML and WEB 2.0 technologies and worked on various CMS