About Our SEO Company

At Digital Surfer, we are an SEO company unlike any other. We believe in helping your business not just operate but prosper in every way. Our personalised services go beyond just rankings.

We care about our clients and seeing their businesses grow. And just like you, we’re hard working Aussies who love helping our community prosper.

Based in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne, we are growing our agency to reach more Australian businesses.

How Digital Surfer Stands Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

My name is Peter Curran and I am the co-founder & director at Digital Surfer.

Peter Curran

Peter Curran

Co-Founder, Director and SEO Expert

Digital Surfer stands apart from other SEO agencies.

I work hard to make sure that we do and I only hire people who work harder than I do. This industry is fraught with phoneys and spammers.

If you’re like most typical business owners, you probably get an email or a phone call a day from someone trying to sell you a digital marketing service of some description.

Here’s how we’re different from the people you’ve interacted with so far.

For starters, we’re true blue Aussies and we speak plain English. We work with clients all over Australia and offer services that stand out in the global market.

We’re also honest and transparent about what we do. We stay away from the spammers for a reason and you should too.

When it comes to your marketing partnerships, you want partners who are 100% aligned with you. They need to understand the local marketplace and the context your business works within just as well as you do.

You work hard to get your business off the ground and you deserve partners who work just as hard as you do.

It’s not called ‘hard yakka’ for no reason.

That’s how we stand out against global companies offering these services. But what about the ones on our very own shores?

Unlike the large SEO agencies who pass critical tasks to young, untrained interns, we take matters into our own hands. We’re experts through and through and we do the same for you as we do for ourselves.

You’ll personally be working with our core team who are all specialists in their craft. We have SEO, content marketing, local search and web design specialists on our team.

But it doesn’t just stop there.

We offer a holistic approach to digital marketing and will help you craft a strategy that meets all your online marketing needs. Not every strategy will work for every business.

That’s why we steer clear of cookie cutter, one size fits all approaches that big agencies use. Keeping things personal is important to us because we’re driven to help you succeed.

Below we have profiles of our core team, the very people you’ll be working with on your campaigns and to help your business grow. Every campaign starts with a conversation though.

We love meeting business owners and helping them find solutions to grow their businesses. Let’s start a conversation about how we can do the same for you.

To your success,


Co-Founder, Director and SEO Expert

Let’s start a conversation about how your business can grow

Meet the Core Team of Web Design & SEO Experts

Renee Curran

Renee Curran

Head SEO Specialist & Business Development Manager

Kerry Hartley

Kerry Hartley

Chief Local SEO Expert

Jozzelle De Jesus

Jozzelle De Jesus

Website Development and Management

Despina Gavoyannis

Despina Gavoyannis

SEO Consultant & Content Strategist

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eBusiness Institute Student High Achievers Award
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Best SEO Company

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What Our Clients Say About Our SEO Agency

Lachlan Main

Lachlan Main

Main Lawyers, Gold Coast

I own and operate a small law firm in Coolangatta. I have limited knowledge of the internet, SEO and how Google operates. I engaged Peter, Renee and Despina at Digital Surfer to help optimise my website’s performance and the results have been excellent. Before engaging Digital Surfer I was ranking very poorly for most keywords. I wasn’t receiving a lot of work through my website.