Website Design

Stunning 100% “Search Engine Optimised” Websites That Both Google AND Your Customers Will Love!

Many brands or companies are focusing too much on how their site looks, and whether the business owner actually likes the look of the website.

The truth is – The website is about your customers . Yes, we build attractive websites as your website is a significant part of your brand and often the first place new prospects find you, but if your ideal customer can’t find your website – say no more.

Why design a stunning looking website and have little to no visitors find it?

So What Makes Digital Surfer Websites So Different?

We build websites with ranking as our #1 priority. Our proven process increases visibility and traffic… whilst still being easy to navigate and beautiful at the same time.


Above the fold is Gold: website visitors are busy, If a prospect lands on your website and doesn’t find the answer they’re looking for, they click off and onto your competitors. If you can’t provide them with a solution to their problem – fast, they leave. It’s that simple. In less than 5 seconds your visitor decides to either stay and keep reading, or look elsewhere. That’s why your most important message needs to be above the fold.

Core services tabs: These handy ‘shortcut tabs’ should be easy to find, clear and above the fold. The 5-second attention rule also applies to these buttons. Help your visitor find what they’re looking for as simply and as fast as possible.

Strategic placements of your CTA: Well-placed call-to-action buttons will increase your conversions. They need to be eye-catching because they are the VERY element on your page that allows the visitor to contact you or to click and buy.

Phone number optimisation: Make it easy for your visitor to contact you if they have a burning question that needs answering. Your number must be clickable from mobile devices.

Unique selling proposition (USP): Don’t be shy to proudly tell your visitors how and why you’re different! Too many websites miss this ‘game-changing’ element.

Internal page design: Meta titles and tags need to be on every page, not just the homepage. They help to make your website more relevant to the search engines, making it easier for customers to find you. Google ranks pages, not websites. That’s why every page on your website should be treated as a ranking opportunity.

Optimised content for voice search: Take advantage of applications like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. The numbers of people using the words “Near Me” when they search using their mobile telephone is increasing exponentially.

Google analytics: GA is basically a tool that helps you determine how effective your website is performing. Through tracking user behaviours, this will tell you which page is performing the best and gives you reliable information to optimise your site further! For example, knowing WHY a visitor stays on a page longer than others will tell you what you need to do to improve that page, or move a better performing page to the front.

Responsive layout: Imperative due to the huge number of searches on mobile devices.

Ongoing maintenance and updates: Your website needs regular checks to keep up-to-date to avoid bugs, virus, malicious malware and other threats that could potentially destroy your precious online digital asset.

Of course, there’s much more than that, but we’ll stop there. Let us design you a visually stunning website that not only your visitors will love, but also increases your exposure, enquiries, and profits!